Sunday, 22 May 2011

Badam Pisin

Badam Pisin :
Badam Pisin is a hard substance which is white in color (it somewat looks like the miniature of ice rocks). It is also a natural collant. It is widely taken along with Nannari sarbat (or) Rose Milk (or) Jigarthanda.
Badam Pisin should be soaked in water one day before using it in sarbats. When it is soaked for whole night the hard pisin will form a jelly like substance. This jelly can then be used in sarbats.
Water quantity should be more than the badam pisin .For eg. Soak 2 to 3 small pieces of pisin in a glass of water. if in case the water quantity is less , then the jellies would not have been formed for all pisin's . some hard pisin's will still remain. So always soak with more water.

Badam Pisin Benefits:
1. Badam Pisin is a natural coolant which helps in reducing the body heat.
2. Badam Pisin along with milk & sugar increases the body weight
3. Rather than buying aritificial jellies for children, Badam pisin along with ice cream/ milk will be a natural alternate

Sarasaparilla ( Tamil Name : Nannari )

Sarasaparilla (Nannari) :
Nannari is the natural herb used by our ancestors for protecting them from common summer ailments. It is a natural coolant which is usually taken in the form of sarbat( widely called as "Nannari Sarbat" across Tamil Nadu). Nannari sarbat is the mixture of nanari extract along with lemon juice & sugar (sugar can also be replaced with 'panagarkandu' (Palm Sugar))
Nannari sarbat can also be taken along with Jabjha seeds and Badam pisin. The benefits of jabjha seeds  and badam pisin will be posted in this blog in the near future.
Nannari root is a natural coolant. Its outer part of the root will be brown in color with inner root in white color.It will be mostly available in local drug stores ( "Naatu Marundu kadai").

Nannari Benefits:
1. Nannari is a natural coolant which helps in reducing body heat.
2. Nannari helps in purifying blood.
3. Nannari is natural remedy for curing constipation.
4. Nannari is more effective when taken along with palm sugar (panagarkandu)

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Aloe vera (Tamil Name : SotruKatrazhai)

Aloe Vera : 
1.Aloe vera  is rich is minerals and amino acids.
2.Aloe vera is the only plant which is rich in Vitamin B12.
3.Aloe vera is also rich in Proteins & Enzymes

Aloe Vera Health Benefits :
1. Aloe Vera is mostly used in the making of various Cosmetic Products because of its rich source of vitamins & minerals.
2. Aloe Vera is widely used in the making of anti-aging creams.
3. Aloe Vera intake cures the indigestion , arthritis , insomnia & ulcers.
4. Aloe Vera also helps in controlling Diabetes.
5. Aloe Vera also helps in weight loss, when it is taken internally aloe cleans the digestive tracks and stabilizes the BMI(Body Mass Index) which in turn helps in reducing weight.
6. Collagen protein in aloe vera also helps in reducing weight